Marius Radu, PhD

Data Scientist @ FocusVision (now Forsta)
Marius reported directly to Mike

Mike is someone who sees the big picture. His extensive knowledge of a broad variety of topics allows him to seamlessly connect with any team, department or individual. I worked with him at FocusVision where he built the innovation and data science function from the ground up. He demonstrated an uncanny ability to achieve results faster than anyone thought possible on the development of our patented video highlight extraction tool.

Mike was not only interested in the company’s bottom line, but also in his employees’ professional growth while constantly seeking new research opportunities for cutting edge machine learning algorithms. Mike understands that great leadership requires more than delegation, and was always encouraging us to go after the projects that really inspired us. In turn he created a very fluid and innovative environment where everyone was able to thrive.

Henry Bowers

Data Scientist @ FocusVision (now Forsta)
Henry reported directly to Mike

Mike is the best leader of data scientists I have ever experienced. He expertly adapted our commercial projects to the highly volatile strategies of the business. Keeping a team of data scientists on track is not easy. Mike has a unique talent for defining and explaining a clear vision without over-constraining the solution space. This kept my teammates and I consistently motivated and focused. I would work for Mike again in a heartbeat.

Patrick Gorman

Founder & CEO PersonaPanels
Mike reported directly to Patrick

I had the pleasure of working with Mike Kuehne at Q Research Solutions, where he revealed himself to be a consummate professional with a passion for sensory research. He is self-motivated, enthusiastic, and eager to learn and to implement best industry practices. Mike connects well with both colleagues and clients, with whom he is able to be simultaneously supportive and motivational. His creativity, interpersonal skills, and positive attitude make him an exceptional member of any team.

Michael Park, PhD

Data Scientist @ FocusVision (now Forsta)
Michael reported directly to Mike

Mike Kuehne is one of those rare managers who combines pragmatic leadership ability with a deep understanding of machine learning algorithms. During ideation he initiated technical discussions that consistently brought me new insight into applications of technologies that I thought I understood well.

In the prototyping phase he led projects in a way that maximized the utility of the team members' diverse backgrounds while giving us the flexibility to explore creative ideas for architecture and implementation.

When it came time for deployment he prioritized the identification and removal of roadblocks and acted as an effective liaison between prototypers and developers, in an environment where these two groups have been historically siloed.

My experience working for Mike has been reminiscent of the most productive research labs that I've had the privilege of working for and I look forward to working with him again in the future!



Masters of Science, Information Design and Strategy
Data Science Specialization
Northwestern University
Graduated 2022


2019 ESOMAR Smart Data Award
2019 MarTech Breakthrough Innovation - Automation
2018 MarTech Breakthrough Innovation - Experience Management